How to Pack for Traveling

We all have been through times of paranoia at the last moments before our departure of a trip. Did I pack everything? Do I have enough pairs of socks? Should I bring more shirts? Here are a few things to remember to always pack and to keep as a guide for your next departure needs.

  • I know you think you might not need it… but bring a book! If not a book with words, at least one you can doodle or color in. Trust me. Even if you’re sure your cell phone or PC is going to be able to receive service wherever you’re going, you never know.
  • Anticipate hot OR cold weather! Even in this time of year when it’s starting to cool down, it’s usually cooler in the night and early morning. Maybe just pack a pair of jeans and a light jacket. Just to be safe! You won’t be sorry.
  • If you have a camera lying around somewhere, bring it. No matter what your travel destination is, travel is travel. Which means every moment is worth capturing.

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