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What to Bring When You Travel

How to Pack for Traveling We all have been through times of paranoia at the last moments before our departure of a trip. Did I pack everything? Do I have enough pairs of socks? Should I bring more shirts? Here are a few things to remember to always pack and to keep as a guide for your next departure needs. I know you think you might not need it… but...

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Rocky Point This Fall

Some destinations are paradise all year round Some destinations are paradise all year round, and Rocky Point definitely makes that list! With average fall temperatures in the high 60s, it’s no wonder this getaway welcomes tourists through all seasons. While the bustling summers in Puerto Penasco can be exhilarating and entertaining, there are several advantages to booking your next VRBO in Rocky Point during those cool autumn months instead. 1....

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Tequila Factory
A taste of Mexico.

Visit the Tequila Factory A taste of Mexico right here in Peñasco at the Tequila Factory. You can sample our tequila and check out our unique collection of tequila barrel furniture. Providers of Rocky Points very own Manny’s beach, agave syrup (tasty alternative to sugar), and 9 different tequila liquors. Previous Next

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Rocky Point Night Life
How to enjoy the night time

Enjoy the Night Life There’s no denying Rocky Point can be popular for its night-time life. Much of the night time action is seen at the local bars and the Malecón. If you like to be around the excitement, the Malecón is definitely the place to be. Lively with people, festivities, food, piña coladas, and very often live music. If you’re looking for something that gives you day-time-vibe with night...

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How to Choose a Resort in Rocky Point

Finding the right hotel or VRBO You know it’s the perfect time to begin planning your next vacation, but you’re not sure how to find the best VRBO Rocky Point stay. We’ve compiled a few tips for selecting the ideal hotel destination for your getaway. First, you’ll need to ask yourself some key questions: What’s on the vaca itinerary? What are some activities you simply have to do while you’re...

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Greatest Motorcycle Rally
Just south of the border

Rocky Point Rally   It’s coming sooner than you think! In just over one month Rocky Point presents the most exciting Motorcycle Rally. That’s not all there is. Vendors join and share their activities with poker tournaments, beach partying, and charities ran for children. Four days worth of motorcycles, food, and excitement! Even if you don’t know much about motorcycles, all sorts of buzz is going on in the Malecón...

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Dia de los muertos

Here’s how to celebrate Día de los Muertos Celebrate Día de los Muertos with friends and family. As Americans, if you enjoy Halloween, you can enjoy this celebration as well. Though the two holidays aren’t exactly the same thing, they have similarities. At Rocky Points beaches from Choya Bay to Playa Bonita, come gatherers this time of the year for Día de los Muertos. This special holiday is celebrated for...

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